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At EVERiSE we inspire and facilitate teams to embrace sustainability.

By fostering a systems-thinking approach, we aim to reawaken people's power and potential so that they can clarify their purpose and direction.

Excited by sustainability but not sure where to start?
Allow us to flip your perspective on what it is and what it can mean for your organization.


A new era is upon us and it is inviting us all to ask:

What is sustainability?


Driven by a passion for collaboration and partnership, we work closely with your teams to co-create systemic strategies that create clarity and answer to the world today.

By integrating systems thinking into your strategic business planning process, we make sure everyone is on the same page and leverage effective communication to bring your plans to life.

The result? An engaged and unified future-proof and sustainable business.

Our Services

Strategic Business Planning

Collaborate with our team to clarify your purpose and direction.

→ Adopt a systems-thinking approach as team

→ Cocreate your defined future with your teams and whole organization

→ Clarify your purpose and direction and conclude it in a strategy + plan

Internal change & communication

Connect and communicate your initiatives to employees and stakeholders to bring them to life!

→ Change & communication strategies for effective execution of your strategy

→ Creation & production of internal communication to engage and ignite action

→ Internal communication (project) management/ support


Sustainability is what
we all desire.

...but what is it to you?


Why choose EVERiSE?


With extensive experience in systemic sustainability, business strategy, and communication, we know that sustainability means something different to every business.


We believe in the power of collaboration, and live it by working closely with your team to co-create new connections and solutions to ensure that your people own and drive the change.


By igniting systemic sustainability within your organization, we ensure your people are inspired and engaged to act on the agreed and co-created goal. Our actions are what make the difference.

What do you wish to give the ability to sustain?

Greenworld Store

Working with Stephanie was hard work and totally worth it. It changed me and GreenWorld (for the better) completely. She opened my eyes and created new connections that have improved our business operations and bottom line. For the first time I feel confident in our future and excited to creating lasting impact to infinity and beyond! Professional, fun and results-orientated. I’m excited for our continued collaboration”

Katherine Zuniga | Managing director of GreenWorld | 2022

Greenworld Store

Stephanie is extremely professional and reliable. She and EVERiSE supported us in refining our purpose and setting a clear direction for the business and people. We are so happy with the result and celebrated our 10 year anniversary confident in our future and what we need to do to continue to bring the pura vida to all our customers. I look forward to continuing to work together on our expansion in the future”

Maurico Zuniga | Founder GreenWorld | 2023

Inter IKEA

We are so happy with the result”

Henk-Anne Rijpma | Head of Risk & Compliance Inter-IKEA Group | 2023

Casa Calocita

“EVERiSE supported us to clearly define our business purpose, values and vision. By taking a long term helicopter perspective we gained immense clarity of our strategic landscape and direction and gained confidence in how to unite our business and people to create a lasting culture and business. Stephanies passion and expertise inspired me immensely!

Jean-Phlippe Fasel | Founder Casa Calocita | 2023


Stephanie has lots of energy and passion and a sharp mind. She is able to connect the big picture to the minute details. Her ability to put discussion and thoughts into clear structures is impressive. At the same time as she has a strong point of view, she is also flexible and adaptable to situations and makes the best of what is in the situation. A great communication strategist to work with! I would gladly work with her again when the opportunity arises”

Jocelyn Bee Ghoon Goh | Country Business Development and Transformation Manager for IKEA UK/IE | 2020

Lets talk about it (writing header)-crop
Events & Conversations On Topics that Affect Us all

Whilst strategic business planning and rational thinking may facilitate the journey of reconnecting businesses and people to their purpose, it is through real-life personal stories that the heart is ignited and inspired to change.

Lets talk about it is a series of Authentic Events & Conversations On Topics that Affect Us. An ongoing series of real-life stories from the journey of daring to be sustainable

Check Out Let's Talk About It

Event Series

Join us for a live chat show event.



EVERiSE is a strategic business and communication agency founded in 2018 by Stephanie Bartscht.

Our mission is to remind businesses and people of their power and potential to create a healthy future. 

Stephanie is a visionary multilingual strategist and host who combines strategic planning expertise with a passion for language and communication to ignite systemic action. Authentic, integral, and action-orientated she brings experience from start-ups, corporations, and small businesses worldwide. With a deep understanding of our interconnectedness and the urgency of our challenges, Stephanie believes that by thinking in systems and effectively communicating we can achieve great things, such as creating a healthy future for all.

Working with EVERiSE is your invitation to get comfortable with the complexity that sustainability demands and take the lead in this new exciting era of business.


Stephanie Bartscht
Founder, Strategist & host



Are you ready to ignite systemic sustainability in your business and teams?

Get in touch to begin your journey.