Strategic business & communication for __YOU__

Combing proven business & communication tactics, with a fresh and integrated approach to sustainability so that your business can thrive.

Think business planning made sexy, and simple.
Think sustainability, but systemic.
Become purpose positive.


We are currently experiencing an ecological tipping point.
This destabilizes everything we know
and demands us all to think and act differently,
especially businesses.  

This can be hard, and complex,
so we‘ve boiled it down into one complete service experience.

Make sense of the madness to come
and thrive through these wild and wonderful times

From a purpose-driven strategic foundation.

Our service . One experience.

Mindset + Method + Material = One strategic support service

Combining an authentic mindset with inspiration,
we follow our purpose-positive method (PPM)
to unravel and develop your strategic business foundation. 
All while producing strictly necessary high-quality communication.

Since most business leaders already know what they want,
we support in getting the ideas out of your head and into reality
so you can step up your game.


Tailored packages based on need, time, and people.

–> Basic: 3 months // 1-4 people: Vision/Strategy outline
–> Strategic: 7 months  // 1-10 people Full strategic foundation&  planning
–> Partnership: 12 months // 10+ people Full strategic foundation, planning, execution and follow-up support

How it works?

  1. Get in touch and or take the 5 minute purpose positive assessment quiz.
    Test how clear, relevant, responsive and integrated your current strategic business foundation is. How purpose positive is your business.?

  2. We’ll get in touch to dive a little deeper into your results and together explore the possibilities ahead.
    How you can refine, define and grow your business in these wild and wonderful times..

  3. We send you a prognosis.
    A proposal on how we could partner to refine and scale your business.

  4. You agree or don’t…

  5. If you do, your business will become healthy, and scale to thrive from the inside to the out of your business

About us

Built on big dreams, EVERiSE was founded in 2017 by Stephanie Anna Bartscht. 
A multilingual strategist convinced of the positive driving force that businesses behold. 

Offering strategic support packages, EVERiSE is an interdisciplinary agency offering all business & communication services in one.

Our mission is to empower businesses to scale and empower individuals, groups, organizations and societies to live a fulfilled, energy positive and waste free life. Aka: to be purpose positive.

Stephanie describes herself as a business Dr. With over 12+ years’ experience playing the global game she has worked on strategy, sustainability, design and communication with start-ups, corporations, scale-ups and SME’s. She means business.

EVERiSE was founded to empower everyone, everywhere, everyday to rise.  

The dream is to unite a network of purpose positive businesses that thrive from relevant and resilient strategic foundations and together emanate health, authenticity and love throughout the world. This will integrate sustainability into every business.

Driven by passion, inspired by people,
we are here to serve a better world through better business.

Stephanie Bartscht
EVERiSE founder

What others say about us:

"Stephanie has lots of energy and passion and a sharp mind. She is able to connect the big picture to the minute details. Her ability to put discussion and thoughts into clear structures is impressive. At the same time as she has a strong point of view, she is also flexible and adaptable to situations and makes the best of what is in the situation. A great communication strategist to work with! I would gladly work with her again when opportunity arises."
Jocelyn Bee Ghoon Goh
Country Business Development and Transformation manager for IKEA UK/IE


Get in touch with your thoughts, needs, wishes, dreams or philosophical theories!
We talk and work world-wide using the wonders of technology. 
Eager to meet up for a coffee or walk (digital or physical) just drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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