Don’t just talk about your business's purpose, make it a reality.

We empower everyone at work to make a positive impact, regardless of position or profession. By introducing sustainability thinking into every action, every business can become purpose positive.

People want to work at or buy from purpose-positive business.

It’s hard to run a business, especially today. Many businesses invest more time in external activities and acquisition, and less in empowering  workforces with the relevant knowledge of how to adapt and thrive through the changes ahead. 

Everybody seems stressed, confused and de-motivated- all just trying to hold it together somehow….sound familiar?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this. With all the changes in climate, technology and personal priorities customers and employees are looking for a change in how business is done. They want to work at or buy from purpose-positive businesses that prioritise people and the planet from inside out, across every sector.

But how to start or transform your business to be purpose-positive through an engaged workforce within the planetary boundaries?


Purpose accelerator

Find your purpose, bring it to life.

Hands-on strategic business communication

Plan, prepare, execute and follow-up your purpose. 

Purpose driven interactions

Inspiring minds to work from a purpose. 

Something to think about

We are currently at an ecological tipping point which destabilises what we know and demands everyone to think and act differently, especially business.  This can be hard, and complex, so we‘ve boiled it down so everyone can get on board.

The FEW principles are a simple framework to guide every individual at work to behave in line with the planetary boundaries and be purpose positive at work.

Don’t know anything about sustainability- doesn’t matter! The FEW are the gateway to being purpose positive at work and integrating sustainability thinking into everything you do.

Ask yourself, how are you securing the following in your everyday work?

Fulfilled people: 
Fair wage, diversity, community. Time, development, (mental) health and safety. People are essential! By nurturing human fulfilment and well-being at work, across values chains we ensure a just & fair economy can develop.

Energy positive:
Renewable energy, Material energy, Total footprint, climate neutral.  Ethical investment, (energy) transparency, biodiversity, human and personal energy. We depend on energy for everything and there is no reason  for this to cause a total negative impact as it does today. To maintain a liveable planet we must de-couple from fossil-fuels and safeguard a stable state to sustain human society

Human & Energy effectiveness, Material circularity, Refuse, reduce, recycle, re purpose or re use.
 Stuff everywhere: new, old, ancient. In natures’ cycles there is no waste- so why have we humans created so much?  Through life cylce thinking and a circularity approach to product and service design we can avoid waste and utilize existing ‘stuff’ to its full potential.


About us

Based in Rotterdam, EVERiSE has 10+ years’ experience playing the global game, working on strategy, sustainability, design and communication with start-ups, corporations, scale-ups and SME’s.  Our mission is to empower everyone to make a positive impact at work, in any position or profession. We do this to create a network of purpose positive businesses who collectively show the value and power businesses can have in today’s society

We partner with businesses who know something needs to happen. Forget Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and what you’ve read about it, this is bigger, this is everyone’s opportunity. A successful 21st-century business has sustainability thinking fully integrated into its purpose and is lived by all.

With our suitcase of strategic tricks, we empower individuals, groups and organizations to plant seeds of purpose and grow a tree of purpose positive actions. Every branch on the tree symbolizes a team that works together to make a positive impact and develop the business within the planetary boundaries.

We love to work with bold start-ups, settled organizations and maybe a corporate or two. We believe everyone must embark on this mindset transformation and know that change can only happen when you put your back into it.

EVERiSE is founded by Stephanie Bartscht, a multi-lingual rebellious pragmatic strategist who is driven by the mission to mobilise businesses to operate within the planetary boundaries

“Driven by passion and inspired by people, I believe it is time for everyone, everywhere and every day to Rise”​

Stephanie Bartscht
EVERiSE founder

What others say about us:

"Stephanie has lots of energy and passion and a sharp mind. She is able to connect the big picture to the minute details. Her ability to put discussion and thoughts into clear structures is impressive. At the same time as she has a strong point of view, she is also flexible and adaptable to situations and makes the best of what is in the situation. A great communication strategist to work with! I would gladly work with her again when opportunity arises."
Jocelyn Bee Ghoon Goh
Country Business Development and Transformation manager for IKEA UK/IE


Get in touch with your thoughts, needs, wishes, dreams or philosophical theories! Located in the Netherlands we are a fully digital agency and able to work world-wide using the wonders of technology.  Want to meet up for a coffee or walk (digital or physical) just drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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